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Glossary for Roget.Org

Special Characters

restricted semantic neighbourhood

The senses of a topic word restricted to only those synonyms that occur in more than one sense (strong synonyms), and senses that contain only strong synonyms (at least one); semantic neighbourhood without singletons; a.k.a. restricted neighbourhood

semantic neighbourhood

The senses of a topic word, along with all synonyms occurring in those senses


Words with only one sense. In a restricted neighbourhood, those words that occur only once in the semantic neigbourhood of the topic word: words that share only one sense with a topic word

strong synonyms

words that occur more than once in the semantic neighbourhood of a topic word

topic word

Input word for form queries; topic of a semantic neighbourhood or restricted semantic neighbourhood; subject word; search term, in the context of Roget.Org

special characters

A standard ASCII character set is used for this database. Special characters are represented by codes.

  e.g.,  maître d'hôtel => ma=itre d'h=otel  

Code Context Meaning Example
/ before n diacritical tilde  ma/nana => mañana
/ before vowel   S/ao Paulo => São Paulo
?? before word upside-down "?"  ??verdad? => ¿verdad?
^ before vowel umlaut  D^ammerschlaf => Dämmerschlaf
_ before vowel acute  l_eg+eret_e => légèreté
+ before a vowel grave  l_eg+eret_e =>  légèreté
< before c cedilla  gar<con => garçon
= before vowel circumflex  m=el_ee => mêlee








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