Publication History of Roget's Thesaurus
1779 Peter Mark Roget born
1805 Compilation of thesaurus (elements) begun
Editor Publisher
1852 1st Edition published Peter Mark Roget Longman -- all editions American Editor Publisher
1853 2nd Edition Peter Mark Roget 1854 1st American attempt Barnas Sears Gould & Lincoln
1855 'enlarged and improved' Peter Mark Roget "the editor, among other mutilations, has altogether omitted the Phrases, 
1856, 1857, 1858, 1864 ...and expressions borrowed from a foreign language" PMRoget
1869 Death of Dr PM Roget - 28 editions to date
1879 John Lewis Roget Edition John Lewis Roget
'Greatly enlarged and improved'
1882, 1883
1890 -1908 reprinted two-yearly John Lewis Roget
British - American 'split'
Editor Publisher
1886 1st International Edition C.O.S Mawsom Thos Crowell -- all editions
1911 -1929 reprinted yearly John Lewis Roget 1911 'practically a new book'  C.O.S Mawsom (Project Gutenberg)
1922 'revised and reset' C.O.S Mawsom (Bartleby)
1925 'enlarged' - 5 reprints per year Samuel Romilly Roget 1930 -1939 5 editions 'enlarged and improved'
1931 'in dictionary form'
1933 Authorised American Edition Samuel Romilly Roget
1936 New Edition 'revised and enlarged Samuel Romilly Roget
1946 2nd Int. Ed. ''complete overhauling' New Edition Lester V. Berry
1953 used in Masterman research Samuel Romilly Roget Longman, Greene 1950 -1960 3 editions
Sold to Penguin 1962 3rd International Edition Lester V. Berry used in Sedelow research
1962 'completely revised and modernised'  Robert Dutch Penguin 1964 -1966 2 editions
Sold to Harper Harper-Row
1982 'new edition' Susan Lloyd 1977 4th International Edition  Robert Chapman
1987 'new edition' Betty Kirkpatrick
1992 5th International Edition--new structure Robert Chapman Harper Reference
1998 'new edition' Betty Kirkpatrick
2001 6th International Edition--new structure Barbara Ann Kipfer 
2002 '150th Anniversary Edition' George Davidson Collins