Word Meaning Discriminator
AGAPE love
AGAPE open
Am Americium
am I am
Am. America
ART aesthetic
art thou art
As Arsenic
AS alike
ASH fire
ASH tree
ASS animal
ASS arse, buttocks
At Astatine
AT eight - Sanskrit
AT near
axes several axe-s
axes several axis-s
AYE yes
AYE ever
Ba Barium
ba spirit
BAIL bailiff
BAIL handle
BAIL rod, wall of posts
BALL dance
BALL round object
BAND circle
BAND of soldiers
BARD put over
BARD singer
BARROW bier, carrier
BARROW burial mound
BARROW neutered boar
BASE bottom, foundation
BASE low, musical instrument
BASS basswood
BASS fish
BASS music
BAT club
BAT flying mammal
Be Beryllium
be exist
BEAR animal; stock market
BEAR carry
BECK beckon
BECK stream
BEE insect
BEE prayer
BEE ring
BEETLE hammer (battle-)
BEETLE insect
BILL bird's
BILL invoice
BIT binary-digit
BIT piece, past of bite, bridle
BLAZE flare up; mark
BLAZE proclaim
BLOW expand
BLOW wind; strike
BOIL carbunkle
BOIL heat water
BOON gift, decreed blessing
BOON merry, a boon companion
bore born
BORE drill, boredom
BORE tidal wave
BOUND bind, boundary
BOUND going, determined
BOUND leap
BOWL pitch
BOWL plate
BRASH bold
BRASH rubble
BULK baulk; plank
BULK mass
BULLY beau
BULLY bossy persecutor
BULLY of bullock - bully beef
BURN overheat
BURN stream
BUSK ambush
BUSK prepare, tack, street player
CAN is able
CAN tin
CASE container
CASE instance
CESTUS prick
CHIME cymbal
CHIME rim of a cask
CHIT chink, sprout
CHIT many colored
CLOVE garlic
CLOVE spice
CLUB bat
CLUB belong
COAX cable
COAX urge
COLON bowel
COMPOUND combination
CON against
CON con-duce
CON cunning
CONSOLE comfort
CONSOLE monitor
CONTENT contained, satisfied
COPPER mineral
COPPER policeman
CORN grain
CORN horn, callous
CORPORAL leader, head
CORPORAL of the body
COUNT nobleman
COUNT number
COUNTER bench, calculator, token
COUNTER oppose
Creek native Am.
CREEK stream
DEAL board
DEAL cards, a measure
DEFILE filament, file off
DEFILE pollute
DEMEAN behave properly
DEMEAN make common
DENIER one who denies
DENIER stocking measure
DERMA skin
DESERT leave, desolate
DESERT reward
DESSERT pudding, fruits
DIE dead
DIE stamp
Diet council
DIET food intake
do act
do do re mi
does did
does f. pl. deer, hornless hind
Don Dom, a leader
don put on (clothes)
DOVE bird
dove jumped, dived
DOWN direction
DOWN feathers
DUFF dough, pudding
DUFF dust
DUN brown
DUN Scots - castle; bill, account
EAR hearing organ
EAR spike of grain
EGG chicken
EGG encourage
ENCEINTE encircle
ENCEINTE pregnant
ENTRANCE delight
ERGOTISM ergotamine disease (< ergot)
ERGOTISM reasoning, (< ergo)
EXCISE cut out
EXCISE taxes ad+censes
FAIR fail (colloq. US)
FAIR festival
FAIR just; pretty
FAY fairy
FAY faith
FAY fit
FAY white man
FELL brae, hill
FELL fallen, level, sew seam
FELL felon, cruel
FELL pelt
FERRET animal
FERRET flower
FEUD family fight
FEUD rental
FILE defile, corrupt
FILE papers, line-up
FILE tool; grind
FILS filial
FILS fool
FLOUNDER flounce-founder
Fm fermium
FOIL aluminum, leaf
FOIL baffle, spoil, defile
FOIL epee, sabre, for fencing
FOUND cast metal
FOUND establish
found not lost
FULL fill-ed
FULL swell vb, wash
GENIAL innate quality
GENIAL of the jaw
GILL fish
Gill girlfriend
GILL glen, ravine, rivulet
GILL volume
GRAM grain
GRAM symbol
GRATE grid, sieve
GRATE scrape
GRAVE burial
GRAVE serious; accented
GUST taste, gustatory
GUST wind
HAIL "a cab"
HAIL ice rain
HALE "and hearty"
HALE haul
He Helium
he pronoun
HEEL foot
HEEL tilt, stern
HELM boat, handle
HELM helmet
HIDE conceal, skin
HIDE measure of land
HIND behind
HIND bondsman
HIND deer
Ho Holmium
Ho oriental language
HOLD interior of a ship
HOLD possess
HOMO alike/same--homograph
HOMO man--homo erectus
I Iodine
I me
IN in
In Indium
It pronoun
Jean Frenchman (John)
JEAN jersey, cloth
Job Old Testament character
JOB work
KEEL boat part, tilt
KEEL cool
la do re mi
La Lanthanum
LAP groin, overlap
LAP lick up, splash
LAST a load
LAST endure, foot print
LAST final, late
LEAD guide
Lead metal
LEAN incline
LEAN lanky
LEAVE abandon
LEAVE permission
LEAVE produce leaves
LEECH medical, biological
LEECH part of a boat sail
LIE falsehood
LIE recline, lay of the land
LIGHT illuminate
LIGHT weight
LIGHTSOME illuminate
LINK connect
LINK lamp
LIST lean
LIST listen
LIST satisfy
LIST tabulate, a strip, scroll
LOW cow noise
LOW down
MAHOUT in charge
MAHOUT measure
MANES customs
manes neck hair
MANGE hair loss
MARCH month, Mars
MARCH walk, boundary
MARE fem. Horse
MARE moon seas
MASS Christian ritual
MASS lump
MATCH equal
MATCH fire
MAY be able
MAY month
MEAD drink
MEAD meadow
MEAL dinner
MEAL flour, bran
MEAN average
MEAN intend
MEAN nasty, humble, poor
MEET commensurate, fit
MEET rendezvous, connect
MENTAL of the chin
MENTAL of the mind
MERE only
MERE sea, lake, pond
MEW cage, stables
mew meow
mew seagull
MISS maid
MISS not hit, go astray
Molar amount
MOLAR tooth
MOLD leaf mold
MOLD shape
MOLE animal; uterine mass
MOLE blemish
MOLE dam; molec. Weight
MOOD feeling
MOOD measure
MOOR boat
MOOR wasteland
moped brooded
MOPED motorcycle
MOULD leaf mold
MOULD shape
MUM mother
MUM silent
MUST musk
MUST should
MYSTERY secret, puzzle
NAVE hub, porch
NAVE ship
Ne Neon
NET fishing, reticule
NET profit, remaining
Nice city
NICE good
NIX nil thing, nichts
NIX water fairy
No Nobelium
NUT fruit
Nut Horus
OR early, before
OR either
OR gold, yellow
OS bone
OS mouth
Os Osmium
OUNCE lynx
OUNCE weight
OVERAGE surplus
overage too-old
pa Maori fort
PA papa
Pa Protactinium
PACE peace, pax
PACE speed; footstep
Paddy Irishman, fit
PADDY rice field
PALE fence
PALE pallid
PAN feather
Pan Greek faun
PAN pots and pans, face
PARITY # births
PARITY equality
pate head
pate liver paste
PEAK droop, pine
PEAK point
PEAKED pointed, high is reached
PEAKED unhealthy
PEEL stockade, spade, pole
PEEL to skin
PEER equal rank
PEER look at
PELT fur
PELT throw, impel
PEN corral
PEN writing
PILE cloth
PILE heap, building, electricity
PILE post
PINE fade, fail
PINE tree
PINION feather
Pit card game
PIT depression, hole
PIT pith, kernel, stone
PITCH throw, angle
PLANE airplane, tool
PLANE flat surface
PLIGHT "- my troth", pledge
PLIGHT predicament, danger
POKE pokeweed
POKE push, prod, yolk, slowpoke, cowpoke
POKE sack, bag
POLE geographic, electrical
Pole Polander/Polish
POLE post
Polish of country Poland
POLISH shine
POST mail, position, army
POST stake, pin up
POST- after-
POSTER mailman
POSTER picture, placard
POUND beat
POUND lockup
POUND weight
PREGNANT cogent, convincing
PREGNANT expecting
PRESS at hand, draft into service
PRESS push, print
PRIZE of war, pry
PRIZE won, [price], value
PUNCH drink
PUNCH hit, die
Punch Punchinello
PUNT bridge, paddle
PUNT place, put
Pussy cat, kitten
PUSSY pus, putrid
PUT fool
PUT place
QUAIL cower
QUAIL pheasant
QUARREL square
QUARRY stone
Rabat capital of Morocco
RABAT clothing
RACE a people
RACE contest
RACKET ruction
RACKET tennis
RAM sheep
RANK order
RANK smelly, lush
RAPE erode
RAPE to seize, ravish
RARE meat
RARE uncommon
RASH impulsive
RASH skin blemish
RAVEN crow
RAVEN devour, despoil
re do re mi
re real
Re Rhenium
REAL regal realm
REAL unimaginary, property
REAR behind
REAR raise, rise up
REFRAIN not do
reserve "serve again"
RESERVE hold back
RID remove
rid rode
RIDDLE puzzle
RIDDLE sieve
RING circle
RING resound
ROOT cheer [for]
ROOT dig out
ROOT plant, math
ROTE insrument
ROTE turn
ROUND circular, a song
ROUND whisper
ROW alignment
ROW arguement
ROW boat
RUSH hurry
RUSH reed
RYE grain
RYE ruler
sac sack, scrotum
SAGE herb
SAGE wise
SAKE alcohol
SAKE purpose
SALVE ointment
SALVE salute, salvage
SAW a saying
saw see
SAW tool, cut
SCALE fish, weighing machine
SCALE music, climb, amount
SCHOOL shoal
SCHOOL teach
SCOUT disdain
SCOUT search
SEAL a letter, sequester
SEAL marine animal
SEAR singe, dry up
SEAR squash together
SEE residence, province
SEE view
Set Egyptian god
SET put, sit
SET sect, collection
SEWER drain
SEWER seater
SEWER sews clothes
SKATE a shit, blatherskite
SKATE flat fish
SKATE slide
SLEDGE hammer
SLEDGE sleigh
SLIP cowslip, slime
SLIP slide over
SLIP small bit
SLUG snail
SLUG strike
SOIL dirty; defile
SOIL throne, earth
SOLE foot, fish
SOLE only
SORREL brown
SORREL sour plant
SOUND depth, body of water
SOUND healthy, solid
SOUND noise
SOW pig
SOW seed
SPECK fat, blubber
SPECK spot
SPILL split, fall away
SPILL wooden peg, torch
SPIT roast
SPIT saliva
SQUASH flatten
squash pumpkin
STALK hunt with stealth, strut
STALK stem
STALL barn, berth
STALL fix in place, stave off
STARE a post
STARE wide-eyed
STAY prop, support, tie up
STAY remain
STERN severe
STERN ship
STOLE cloak
stole past tense of steal
STOOP bend
STOOP porch
STRAIN lineage, music, outburst
STRAIN stress
SUPPLY provide
supply supple-ly, adv.
TARRY dawdle
TARRY tarred
TEAR rip
TEAR weep
THE definite article
THE masc dem pron
ti do re mi
Ti Titanium
TICK mattress cover
TICK parasite
TICK tick, tock; check mark
TOIL a net
TOIL work hard
TUCK energy, vigor
TUCK fold, hunger, eat
TUCK rapier
VALE hearty
VALE valley
VENT split
VENT window
WARE goods
WARE vigilant, aware
WAX bee's fat
WAX increase
WELL healthy and wealthy
WELL water
Wend Wendish person
WEND wind, travel
WIGHT a whit
WIGHT vigorous
WIND blow
WIND turn
WITH rope
WITH together
WOOD mad
WOOD of trees
WOUND injury
wound wind around
x "unknown quantity"
X cross, ex, mark
X decade, Roman numeral ten
y "unknown quantity"
Y fork (divergence)
Y Yittrium
YARD enclosure
YARD three feet, a sail
Z end of the line, omega
z "unknown quantity"